AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES We are a 21st century water Purification Company with a vision of providing Pure, Healthy, Safe & Sweet drinking water for making the world a healthy and a happy family. Our company is highly regarded for the development and research in innovative water purification products to provide our customers with a large range of RO models.

Founded in year 1999, AQUA+ Technologies is today’s India’s leading OEM manufacturer for water purification products. A team of qualified professionals and engineers having sufficient product knowledge, experience of over a decade in water purification industry, manages our day-to-day activities. India. Despite a humble beginning, today AQUA+ is a strong organization with distributor/dealer network spread across major cities of India and a manufacturing facility in TAMILNADU CHENNAI. Most importantly, today AQUA+ has thousands of satisfied customers to its credit. Our objectives are quality, service and innovation for the customers in a longer term.
Is your water safe to drink?

Water is the essence of life, yet it is the one resource in our world that continues to deteriorate. We have become accustomed to opening a faucet and expecting the water we use to be safe and pure. Our environment has been continuously assaulted by toxic waste and chemical dumping and every day we learn of another region or town where the public health has been threatened. Whether your water comes from a municipal supply or from a private well, you are concerned about the water quality.

Introducing AQUA+… the next evolution in whole home water purification. Because drinking of pure water is a way to enjoy healthy life.
 What can AQUA+ do for your family?

» Filters out impurities from your water as miniscule as .0.0001 micron(less than one millionth of a mm).
» Protects your entire family from troubling waterborne contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, virus and turbidity.
» Enhances taste of drinking water.
» Refreshing beverages, soups & sauces.
» Great tasting tea, coffee & cold drinks.
» Sparkling crystal clear ice-cubes.
» Cooking for delicacy.
» Hygienic water for baby milk & food.