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Call.044-65656547 Agaram ®  technologies Water treatment plants Manufacturers & service in Chennai Phone Numbers, Addresses, Best Deals, 044-65656547, 09962720105    Agaram aqua technologies  Pure water is fast becoming the scarcest commodity on earth.  The present day water has different types of deadly contaminants unheard of in the past. Total dissolved solids in excess, heavy metals like lead, copper, iron, mercury and arsenic and other pollutants like insecticides & pesticides in the water can wreak havoc on human body. 

Mental retardation, cancer, kidney stones, digestive disorders, cardiac problems, intestinal catarrh, flourish are some of the long term effects caused as a result of these water contamination’s.  85% of all human diseases is due to water contamination.  Factors like depleting water table and partially treated industrial effluents / sewage can be attributed to this rapid deterioration in water quality.

Water purification is now considered essential even for external usages (bathing, vessel and clothes washing) in addition to internal consumption.  Pure water has thus become an absolute necessity in homes, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, laundries, hatcheries, nurseries, farms, bottling plants, factories and other commercial/ industrial establishments.

Yesterday’s generalized water purification methods are passé.  Need-specific, analysis-centric specialist treatment methodologies have become the order of the day. Analyzing water comprehensively, understanding its characteristics and treating it require expertise, experience and thorough subject knowledge.

With the growing demand for fresh water and sustenance of vital water resources, waste water recycling has also gained prominence and has today become an ecological imperative.


With a gamut of world class products and services, AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES offers unlimited options in water and waste water purification industry. Considerable investment in R&D over the years has given us that technological edge and also helped us to develop feature-packed, value-for-money products to meet the specific requirements of our customers.