About Us

AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES was established in 1996 in Chennai (India) as a dealer for R.O.Water purifiers, From the year 2011, AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES has been carrying out its operations as manufacturers, distributor/wholesaler of water purifiers & water purifying products of different types in the brand name Aqua+. In just a few months it has become a name counted amongst the trusted water treatment plants manufacturers. These R.O. & U.V. water purifiers & water purification solutions have been designed with expertise for impart excellent functioning throughout water processing for providing pure and clean water output. Our water purifiers are specially design for domestic and commercial purpose. We have excelled in providing advanced Domestic & Commercial R.O. & U.V.Water purifiers, Water Softener, Water Purification Plants, Water Treatment Plants & Iron Removal Plants Water & Waste Water Treatment Like STP,ETP,WTP,DM,RO,SOFTER,SOFTENER,SOFTENING,IRON REMOVAL , Water treatment companies in chennai, across India to various establishments,comprising models with different features and capacities. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company; we maintain high standards in every aspect while providing Water Purification Systems that are reliable for domestic, industrial & commercial needs and highly durable.The Quality, Performance and Operational capability of these systems relied and trusted by several of our clients.To maintain transparency of the deal, the experts of the water purifiers of our Company explain the steps behind the Water Purifications System so that clients can take informed decision.

AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES has always maintained a strict regulation on the price of the Water Purification Systems and accessories they offer. The shipping prices and any other service charges related to the sales of the Water Purification Systemis kept affordable in the budget of any customer.

AGARAM AQUA TECHNOLOGIES has made an excellent market for themselves in different parts of India The Managing Director  (Production) Mr.B.Balasubramani, a thorough professional to the core having sixteen years of experience in Water Purification Industry. Guided by his excellent technical skills, we have managed to gain a strong foothold in the market in Quality competition.

The Managing Director Mr..B.Balasubramani, a thorough professional to the core having sixteen years of experience in Management of various industries. Guided by his excellent management skills, we have managed to gain a strong foothold in the market amidst increasing competition.

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