Water is the most important and useful element on Earth. Human being can not remain fit and healthy without pure and safe drinking water.
With rising industrialization and growing population, the purity of the drinking water is at threat. As people became more and more health conscious and taking extra precautions for water born diseases, the demand for mineral water is increasing at very fast pace.
Bottled water industry, colloquially called, the mineral water industry, is a symbol of new life style of emerging in India. Packed mineral water is the perfect and economical solution. Here comes the need for mineral water plant. Mineral water industry has tremendous potential to grow and has very bright future (currently growing at 30% a year).
AGARAM AQUA TECH is a leading and fastest growing company in the field of water treatment solutions. We execute entire mineral water plant on turnkey basis. We design, manufacture and install turnkey system of Mineral water plant to ensure 100% quality of Mineral water. We also offer the services for getting required quality licenses from government to ensure the quality of the product as per stringent drinking water standards like BIS, ISI, ISO and other international standards.

Reverse Osmosis plant: Capacity 1000 LPH, 1500LPH, 2000LPH, 3000LPH, 4000LPH, 5000LPH, 6000LPH, 8000LPH, 10000LPH, 15000LPH, 20000LPH and higher capacity
Pouch packing machine:
Capacity 2800 – 3000 pouches/hour (200ml, 250ml, 300ml)
Capacity 2000 pouches/hour (500ml)
Fully Automatic 1 liter PET Bottle Washing, filling and Capping machine:
Capacity 24-30 BPM, 40 BPM, 60BPM, 90 BPM, 120 BPM
Manual 1 liter PET Bottle filling machine:
Capacity 12 -24 BPM
20 liter PET Jar inner & outer washing machine:
Capacity 60 Jars / Hour
Fully Automatic 20 liter PET Jar washing, filling and capping machine:
Capacity 120 Jar/hour, 240 Jar/hour, 360 Jar/hour, 480 Jar/hour
Fully Automatic Cup washing, filling and sealing machine (200-250ml):
Capacity 30 cups/minute, 60 cups/minute, 90 cups/minute
Automatic 1 liter PET blow moulding machine:
800 bottle/hour, 1200 bottle/hour, 2000 bottle/hour, 4000 bottle/hour, 6000 bottle/hour
Complete Laboratory for Quality assurance of Mineral water

Plant design and manufacturing as per latest European Technology
We offer total high quality systems:
Sealed Pack Membranes
High quality Micron Cartridge filters
Manufacturing stage wise inspection:
After fabrication of the unit
At the time of assembling the unit
While fitting of sealed pack membranes
Inspection of fully installed and running plant for 3 days at our factory with testing.
AGARAM AQUA TECH has the facility to clean the membrane system at factory to improve the life of membranes
AGARAM AQUA TECH offers complete basket including washing, filling, packing and sealing line on Turnkey basis.
Our plant is designed in such a way that it has lowest maintenance cost. Our plant is user friendly in such a way that any person can do preventive and periodic maintenance


We offer compactly designed Reverse Osmosis Plant to the clients widespread across the country. The different types of Reverse Osmosis Plant that we fabricate are available in numerous sizes and capacities. In the making of Reverse Osmosis Plant, we utilize the latest techniques. Additionally, we strictly adhere to the industry set norms while manufacturing Reverse Osmosis Plant. Clients can avail Reverse Osmosis Plants from us at highly competitive prices.

  • 250 LPH
  • 500 LPH
  • 1000 LPH
  • 2000 LPH
  • 5000 LPH
  • 10,000 LPH
  • 20,000 LPH

Why Our Reverse Osmosis Water Plant?

  • Easy to install
  • Requires very less maintenance
  • Highly efficient
  • Cost-effective

Process of Our RO Plants

  • Raw Water Pump:To generate the pressure for down the line system.
  • Pressure Sand Filter (PSF):The water is first filtered by Pressure sand filter Unit for removal of SS and turbidity.
  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF):To remove Colour, Odour, and Chlorine, from the raw water.
  • Micron Cartridge Filter (MCF):These are Pressure Vessels Fitted internally with spun cartridge element which removes 5-10 micron sized particles.
  • Anticipant Dosing System:To prevent membrane from scaling (hardness).
  • High Pressure Pump:A high pressure pump is provided for supplying the feed water to RO System at high pressure of 10 – 12 kg/cm2.
  • Desalination System by Ro Membrane Element:A Reverse Osmosis System rejects 90-95% of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • Storage of Treated (pure) Water:To store Treated water in tank.



1 Raw Water Pump Capacity – 4000 LPH
Make – Kirloskar / Equiv.
1 No.
2 Pressure Sand Filter Type – Vertical Pressure Vessel
Capacity – 4000 LPH
Filtering Media – Sand, Pebbles, Gravels
1 No.
3 Activated Carbon Filter Type – Vertical Pressure Vessel
Capacity – 4000 LPH
Filtering Media – Activated Carbon
1 No.
4 Softener Type – Vertical Pressure Vessel
Capacity – 4000 LPH
Filtering Media – Resin
1 No.
5 Antiscalant  Dosing Pump Type – Electronic Diaphragm
Capacity – 0 to 5 LPH
Make – Italy / Equiv.
1 No.
6 Pre Micron Cartridge Filter Unit Type – Replaceable
MOC of Cartridge – PP
Capacity – 4000 LPH
Micron Rating –  10 micron (3 no ), 5 micron (5 no. )
MOC of Cartridge Housing – SS / FRP
1 No.
7 High Pressure Pump Type – Vertical Multistage Centrifugal
Capacity – 4000 LPH
Make – Grundfos / Equiv.
1 No.
8 RO Module Item – RO Module consisting of Membrane Housing with Membranes
Mounted on Skid
Type of Membrane – Thin Film Composite Spiral Wound
MOC of Membrane – Polyamide
Make of Membrane – Hydronautics / Dow / Equiv.
MOC of Membrane Housing – SS/FRP
1 Lot
9 RO Skid
1 No.
10 Control Panel
Conductivity Meter – 1 No.
Flow Meter – 2 No.
Pressure Gauge – 2 No.
High Pressure Switch – 1 No.
1 No.
11 Product Water Storage Tank
Capacity – 1000 Liter.
1 No.
12 Product Water Transfer Pump MOC – SS
Capacity – 2500 LPH
Make – Aroma / Equiv.
1 No.
13 U.V.System Capacity- 2000 LPH
2 no.
14 Ozone generator Type – Vertical
Make – RKTECH / Equiv.
Capacity- 2 gm.
1 No.
15 Ozone circulation pump Capacity- 2000 LPH
MOC- SS-316
1 no.
16 Piping and Fitting with Valves (Raw water Pump to Product water Storage tank) As per requirement


Price Industrial RO Plant Water System


1.High quality membrane,99% average salt rejection rate
2.Integrate filtration,storage,supply
3.PLC full automatic operating

RO water system

 1. Product description:

 RO water system is widely used in water supply treatment, purification for tap water, seawater

and brackish water, pure water and ultra-pure drinking water production, power stations, electronic industries, medicine manufactories, and medical treatment.  It is the key equipment of a pure water plant

2. technological process

raw water→ raw water pump→quartz sand filter→activated carbon filter→security filter→high pressure pump→ro system→ozone generator→user

3. Characteristic:

1). capacity :1000L/H

2). voltage:220V/50Hz, 380V/50Hz

3). water recovery rate: 50-75%

4). salt rejection rate: 96-98%


4. Application industry

1). Electronic industry: Pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical

products and pure water

2). Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and

Fruit  juice

3). Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid, gases

4). Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent

5). Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding

6). Seawater desalination

5.We welcome OEM price

CCTV DVR Recorder Price

What you can get:
1 X 16CH H.264 CCTV DVR Recorder
1 X 1000GB 3.5″ Seagate SATA HDD Build-in DVR
1 X IR remote controller , 1 X 12V 5A power adapter
1 X Mouse USB 2.0 , 1 X Installation Disk , 1 X English User manual

Product Specifications        


Model Name HT-8516V
Compression Standard H.264
Resolution Preview resolution:704 x 576 ( PAL ) , 720 x 480 ( NTSC )
Playback resolution: 16 x CIF
Frames:1F/S ~ 30F/S (Adjustable)
Hard Disk 2 SATA Hard Disk interface  (Support Capacity from 40G to 4T in Total )
Video Signal PAL(625Line,50f/s), NTSC(525Line,60f/s)
Video Input 16 channel, BNC , 1.0V p-p/75Ω
Composite Video Output 1 channel, BNC, 1.0V p-p/75Ω
Monitor Video Output 1 channel, BNC, 1.0V p-p/75Ω
VGA Interface 1 VGA,  Resolution: 800×600/60HZ, 1024×768/60HZ
Audio Input 2 channel , RCA
Audio Output 1 channel , RCA
Alarm Input 2 Channel, Trigger closed without Voltage,Open or Closed
Alarm Output 1 Channel, Trigger closed without Voltage,Open or Closed
Alarm Mode Sensor Input, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Full Disk Space
Network Ethernet (10/100M ),LAN,WAN and ADSL
Control Way USB2.0 Mouse, Remote Control, PTZ, Camera, RS485 x 1
Backup USB2.0, CDRW, DVDRW and Network
Bit Rate 5 Levels:120MB/H,150MB/H,250MB/H,
300MB/H,500MB/H,1~1000MB/H Self-defined
Password Encrypted by 128-bit Numerical Digits with 2-Level Password Protection
Power Supply DC12V  5.0A
Consumption 10W(Without HDD)
Working Environment Temperature: 5°c~ 50°c; Humid:< 90%
Device Dimension 350×272 X 58 mm (W*D*H)
Weight 5KG

FRP pentair softener for water treatment plant


1 Anti-erosion
2 High intensity, light weight
3 Max pressure:150PSI
4 Elegant appearance
5 Easy to install

FRP tank used for water treatment     

Structure and material

Using high-performance resin and glass fiber winding, lining with PE or ERP etc, and high-performance materials imported FRP Pressure Vessels can also meet the demands in low temperature 

resistance and toughness is superior to the imported ABS lining Pressure Vessels.

 Work condition

Work pressure≤0.4MPa,work temperature≤49°C,maximum vacuum 127mmHg(5″Hg)

Work mediator: water ,Acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosive liquids.


  1.  Corrosion resistance,
  2.  Beautiful appearance.
  3.  High pressure,high capacity
  4.  FRP tank is for industrial water treatment or residential water softener.
  5.  High pressure. Max pressure: 10 bar
  6.  High capacity. Capacity: 0.2—100T/H
  7.  High quality
  8.  Max temperature: 120F
  9.  Tank inner liner: PE or ABS
  10.  Diameter varies.


Water supply and wastewater treatment industry, light industry, chemical industry, electronics, petrochemical, 

pharmaceutical, food, and other industrial fields. 

 Quality guarantee

Replacement during the first year, if the products on serious defects, and can not work.

Specifications and characteristics

Diameter 150-   2500, having many forms or shapes such a s under port and upper port,  screw joint,  flanged  connection  etc. for your water treatment  equipment.

Model volume open type Dia Total H Net H Flow rate PORT Upper Bottom   distributor center tube
Specialization L Top Bottom mm mm mm m3/h
CK-818 10 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢200 445 435 0.1-0.3 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-835 25 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢200 905 895 0.2-0.4 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-844 30 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢200 1130 1120 0.2-0.5 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1035 40 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢250 905 895 0.4-0.8 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1054 60 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢250 1390 1380 0.5-1.2 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1252 85 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢300 1340 1330 1-2 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1265 105 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢300 1650 1640 1.5-2.5 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1354 105 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢325 1400 1390 1.8-2.5 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1465 150 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢350 1670 1660 2-3 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1665 190 2.5″ NPSM \ ¢400 1670 1660 2.5-4.5 top mount CK-601 CK-602 6cent
CK-1665B 190 4″ NPSM \ ¢400 1670 1660 2.5-4.5 top mount CK-182 CK-6260 1.5inch
CK-1865 238 4″ NPSM \ ¢450 1670 1660 3.5-4.8 side mount CK-182 CK-6370 1.5inch
CK-2072 300 4″ NPSM 4″ NPSM ¢500 1750 1570 3-5 side mount CK-5671 CK-6370T /
CK-2472 440 4″ NPSM 4″ NPSM ¢600 1850 1670 4-6 side mount CK-5671 CK-6450T /
CK-3072 680 4″ NPSM 4″ NPSM ¢750 1850 1660 6-10 side mount CK-5671 CK-6600T /
CK-3672 860 4″ NPSM 4″ NPSM ¢900 1850 1635 10-15 side mount CK-5671 CK-6700T /
CK-4072 1050 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢1000 1850 1535 16-24 side mount CK-173 CK-5674-3 /
CK-4094 1400 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢1000 2400 2130 22-28 side mount CK-173 CK-5674-3 /
CK-4896 1800 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢1200 2400 2150 30-40 side mount CK-173 CK-5675-3 /
CK-6096 2700 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢1500 2400 2100 40-60 side mount CK-175 CK-5676-4 /
CK-7296 4800 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢1800 2400 2035 50-80 side mount CK-175 CK-5678-4 /
CK-8096 6600 6″FLG 6″FLG ¢2000 2400 2070 70-100 side mount CK-175 CK-5678-4 /