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We provide Mineral water ISI project and also we are consultant mineral water project and ISI mineral water project supplier as per ISI rules and regulations. We undertake complete projects of ISI mineral water.




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Govt of India approved ISI BIS Ro plants manufacturers suppliers in chennai south india

Welcome to Mineral Water Project Information – the centre where you get all the information about mineral water plants. In this article we shall discuss a 10 Point Check-list to find the right Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers for your Mineral Water Project.



As you are willing to start a Mineral Water Plant, naturally you are on the watch out for the Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers to source from. How do you find those? Here are some Clues:- 1. Google on “ISI BIS Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers”, from the results contact the top 3-4 guys from your city, contact them & meet them. 2. From portals like Agaram aqua technologies, Just Look out with the term & again follow the same method as per point no.1. 3. Contact some friend who has already established a business of Mineral Water & contact the supplier. 4. Any other referrals. Your method can be any; but I suggest a 10-point Check-list to source a right Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer:- Before proceeding further, I suggest you to download a FREE project report from our site: Mineral Water Project Information, just in your browser. Once the site is open, there is a link in the Top Header Section. Do that.

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• Understand that there is not a single machine called Mineral Water Manufacturing Plant. In fact a plant is a combination of various sections & Machinery, hence there are actually different manufacturers/suppliers for various equipment’s & machinery. • What you are looking for a Supplier who can organize all this for you. • First of all for you, yourself, get a knowledge of what all machines involved in a Mineral Water Plant. • The Water Treatment Section • The Bottle Manufacturing Area • Bottle Filling Area • Quality Control- Laboratory Section • Utilities Like Electricity • Government Liaison • Liaison with BIS Here, a separate section for BIS; as this is going to be a major role player. Just properly check whether the mineral water project manufacturer has a proper back up consultant in place. • After knowing the various machinery involved, be clear in your mind whether you want to source from individual agencies or all-in-one supplier. • Remember, when you decide to buy from individual agencies, it is expected that you have time to follow with all the individual suppliers on your own. Otherwise the Mineral Water Plant Supplier – Turn key type is a better way-out.

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Whenever you are sourcing from a Turn-Key Supplier, Please see that he has sufficient experience in setting up such plants. If possible ask him to take you to one of his installations, and talk to the end-user about the performance of the plant. The attitude of the Turn key supplier will be good only otherwise the end user would not have allowed him at the Plant. • Also see that he (turnkey supplier has sufficient people to follow up your project duties. There are several things to be done like preparation of the site, making alterations in the interiors of the plant for the BIS [Licensing Authority in India], the packaging supplies like PET performs, Labels, Caps, all have to be arranged well in time. He should have a dedicated man to look after these duties. • Check whether he has a right After-Sales-Team in Place to take care of post commissioning plant operation.

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• If he is just an arranger or a project management service that is even better, because he will work full-time on management of the project as he won’t be having any manufacturing job at hand. But at the same time, whatever suppliers he is arranging the machinery from, they should be well established, experienced & should have competent service team in place. • At last, if possible put whatever possible in writing. This is NOT to bind the Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer by law etc.; but just to ensure you & he do not miss out any point on the go. Also try to make some service agreements with the individual machinery suppliers. That’s the End of the list, once again to remind you to download the FREE project report through site and also get regular industry news & updates. Stay Tuned, best of luck for your project.


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